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Siffrin Academy  at Austintown and Kent State University at Stark presents a unique opportunity for young adults with disabilities who are transitioning into life after high school as well as those on a path to employment. In Stark County, integrated into the University culture, Siffrin Academy is an educational blend of classroom study and field experience designed to help participants reinforce skills and abilities they learned throughout their education career. Training provides the proficiencies and mechanisms essential for success in the community and the workforce.   

The Curriculum is a combination of classwork and discovery. Educational trips and community volunteerism are also part of the syllabus. This program is ideal for people graduating from high school and/or people on a path to employment. 


Prevocational training, literacy, soft skills training, arithmetic, money skills, and self-advocacy training are also part of the experience at Siffrin Academy.

Funding Sources for Siffrin Academy include Individual Options Waiver, Level One Waiver, SELF Waiver,                                              DD Waiver (with County Board contract), or Private Pay.

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