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Residential Services

Supervised Living

The Supervised Living program provides up to 24-hour support services to people living in a home in the community.


The goal of the program is to enhance the life of each person by providing the staff assistance needed to live happily, safely and as independently as possible in their neighborhood.

Siffrin homes are located in safe, attractive neighborhoods.


If you or someone you know is interested in moving into a home with others that share your interests, please contact George Maier.

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Community Support Services

Our community support services (CSS) program is  designed to teach and support people residing in their own home, or a family member's home, and require minimal but on-going assistance.


Daily living supports are provided to help the person improve and/or maintain independence.


CSS also assists people who live independently in the community to stay connected with their friends by organizing trips and activities.

Please contact Brenda Starcher for more information.

Ohio Shared Living

Ohio Shared Living encompasses personal care and supportive services provided to an adult by a live-in caregiver.  This can be in a caregiver's home or in the home of a person who needs support.

It’s more than just sharing a home: it’s sharing a family and experiences.

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