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Jen Kennedy 
Director of Supervised Living

Jen began her caregiving career back in 2002 when she

worked as a STNA in a local nursing home. After growing

her family and being out of the field for 16 years, Jen

decided that she needed something more to fulfill her

heart and soul.


Jen joined the Siffrin team in August 2019 as a Manager of

Supervised Living in Summit County, moving to Stark County

in March of 2020. In July 2021 Jen moved into the role of

Essential Services Liaison, providing assistance to all of the managers and other departments in the day-to-day needs of the supervised living homes. In May of 2022 Jen accepted the role of Director of Supervised Living. Jen will have direct oversight of all Supervised Living homes in the Siffrin family, continuing to spread her passion for those she serves through her work.


“ If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer


Phone: 330.478.0263

Fax: 330.478.0140

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