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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for services?
In order to qualify for services, you must have the appropriate funding through the local County Board of DD or other funding source, or have the capability to be self-pay. There must also be an available opening within the program.
How long has Siffrin been providing Fiscal Services?
Siffrin has always provided payeeship services to people served in the residential programs. As an organization, we noticed a need in the community for Fiscal Services and developed the program in January 2004.
Why are representative payees needed?
Social Security deems that a Payee is needed based on the person's history with mismanagement of funds or lack of ability to manage their own funds. For example, Social Security may designate a representative payee due to a diagnosed substance abuse. Someone also may need a representative payee simply because they do not wish to handle their own benefits or to ensure timely payment of bills.
How do I refer a client?
1. Call us to discuss the needs of the person.
2. If appropriate, we will schedule a meeting to meet the person and discuss our program and how we can help them manage their money successfully.
What happens in the initial meeting?
If you choose Siffrin as representative payee and we feel we can meet your needs, a few forms will be completed, including: Enrollment Form, Social Security Application and Referral Form.
What happens after Siffrin is named payee?
A meeting will be scheduled to develop a monthly budget for you to ensure the timely payment of all living expenses once Siffrin receives your benefits check.
What if I need to make changes to my budget?
Your budget can be changed at any time to accommodate your needs, providing your income permits such a change.
What if I need money for something that is not in the budget?
A special check request form is used for a need that is not allotted in your budget. It is approved or denied based on your current account balance. Your signature is required on the special check request form.
Are my balances monitored to ensure compliance with reporting agencies?

Yes. Balances of your account are monitored on a daily basis to ensure compliance with reporting agencies, such as Social Security and Job and Family Services.



How will I know what my account balance is?

Every month, an account summary is mailed to you. The summary has a detailed listing of all deposits and withdrawals along with your balance. Account summaries are also available upon request at any time.



Is there an annual audit of the accounts to ensure the money is safe?

Yes. Siffrin staff are audited annually by an independent, certified public accounting firm and Social Security.



How is this service paid for?

For many of the people we serve, Fiscal Services is funded through the local County Board of DD. For those people who are not affiliated with a funding system, they are considered to be self-pay.



Can I only receive Fiscal Services from Siffrin?

Yes. Although siffrin offers a variety of services, you do not need to receive other services in order to utilize Fiscal Services.



What happens when/if I no longer need Fiscal Services?

We have a Refusal-Termination form for Fiscal Services. If you would like to end services, you will need to sign the form indicating your choice.

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