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Did You Know?

There are so many things that you can do yourself on Paycom.

- change your address

- update your phone number

- update your direct deposit information

- request a leave of absence

- update your tax information

- print extra copies of your W-2

- print your check stubs

- check the expiration dates of all of your training classes

- And Coming Soon... Enroll in Benefits

New Hire Questions Answered

- Your first paycheck will be direct deposited to the account you specified.

- A class is available to help you with online forms, ADP, and checking all trainings.

- If you're scheduled 30 hours or more, you are considered full-time.

- Full-time staff are eligible for benefits the first of the month after their first 60 days.

- Full and Part-time staff will accrue PTO from the first day they work, but it cannot be used until the pay date after their 6-month anniversary.

- If you need to call off,  please call the location manager or AOC for your county at least two-hours in advance (if possible).

If your question isn't answered, please click HERE to send a message to HR.

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