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Did You Know?

There are so many things that you can do yourself on ADP

- change your address

- update your phone number

- print extra copies of your W-2

- print your check stubs

- check the expiration dates of all of your training classes

- And Coming Soon... Enroll in Benefits

New Hire Questions Answered

- Your first paycheck will be mailed to you unless you ask us to hold it.

- To be eligible for any hiring bonuses, training classes must be completed within 90 days.

- A class is available to help you with online forms, ADP, and checking all trainings.

- If you're scheduled 30 hours or more, you are considered full-time.

- Full-time staff are eligible for benefits the first of the month after their first 60 days.

- Full and Part-time staff will accrue PTO from the first day they work, but it cannot be used until the pay date after their 6-month anniversary.

- If you need to call off,  please make an attempt to find your own coverage to help with the staffing in the homes and call the AOC for your county.

If your question isn't answered, please click HERE to send a message to HR.

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