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Director of Innovation and Compliance

Chasidy started her career in this field in 1999 and was employed

as a DSP for four years before getting into Real Estate Management.

During her 8 year absence from Siffrin, Chasidy still maintained

relationships with those in the Siffrin Family. After feeling a void in

not having meaningful employment, Chasidy reached out one

afternoon expressing her interest in returning to the field. It was not

only to be able to serve those with disabilities again but to also set

an example for her children in making serving others a priority in life.

Chasidy returned to Siffrin in 2011 as a Manager of Supervised Living in Stark County,

during her years as a manager Chasidy managed at one point or another half of the group homes we have in Stark County. In 2017 Chasidy was promoted to Program Coordinator of Stark County. During this time Chasidy expanded Siffrin services to include providing needed in-home supports for youth and their families. In 2021 Chasidy was then promoted to her current position as Regional Director of Stark County and has the privilege of not only continuing to assist with the needs in our group homes but is now assisting with our Community Support Services Program.


“I sometimes feel I’m almost selfish to be able to do all I have been able to do with Siffrin. The blessings I receive in return from working with those we serve, and the amazing DSPs we have, not only provide my soul with satisfying work, but I take away in experiences more than I feel I deserve at times.”


Phone: 330.478.0263

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