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Heart of Gold Award

"The Sunnyside Home is the newest home within Summit County and it runs like one of the group homes we have had for many years. This is not just by chance, but because of the hard work, dedication, and love that is shared by each of the current staff members who work there! Some days have brought forth unexpected challenges, and some days appear to be smooth as a summer breeze, but you or I would not know the difference because this team always presents a smile, and a positive attitude no matter the circumstances. Charlyn Dalton, Jeremy Lyons, and Jennie Smith, please know that you are appreciated in every way for continuing to ensure the lives of those served are treated with great care and support. I hope that all the greatness you share with those around you comes back to you full circle...continue being great and most of all... Thank You for being you."

Chanelle Copeland, Program Coordinator, Summit County

"The Sunnyside Team is an example of bravery and having a Heart of Gold. The home went through a crisis when the staff and ladies were exposed to high CO levels. The home had to be evacuated and until a new boiler system was placed and certified by the landlord, they were unable to return to the home. Staff handled themselves well, following their training and brought the ladies to safety even though the staff was dealing with their own symptoms. The entire team pulled together over the next few weeks to ensure everyone was safe and the ladies had what they needed."  ~Kim Larson-Phillips, COO, Siffrin

Sunnyside Staff (L-R) Jennie Smith,  HC Charyln Dalton, and Jeremy Lyons.

To everyone who donated items and bought tickets, Thank You for helping The Siffrin HOPE Fund grow. Sending Special Thank You's to Cynthia Best for organizing this event and to Dave Howe, our awesome host for the event.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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Attention Parents and Guardians

Agreement on Protocols for  Safety during Visitation in Supervised Living Homes

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