Vision Statement 

All persons with intellectual and/or physical disabilities will be integrated into their communities with opportunities, choices, and equal rights.

Belief System

  • People’s lives can change with our help

  • We can use the community to provide opportunities for persons served

  • Believe in a team concept and support each other

  • People with disabilities have equal rights

  • People with disabilities have equal strengths

  • People with disabilities can make their own choices

  • People with disabilities can be independent in their living

  • The community can be accepting of persons with disabilities

  • Well trained staff do make a difference

  • Goals and planning can be done to maintain the integrity of the person

Core Operating Values

  • ​​​A caring attitude

  • Dedication to a cause

  • Develop and nurture partnerships and collaborations

  • Impeccable character, accountability and integrity

  • High expectations of ourselves and those we serve

  • Ownership. Belief in what we do. True advocates for the individuals we serve.

  • Maintain fiscal stability to sustain optimum service delivery and outcomes.

  • Proactive approach to management rather than reactive

  • Diverse services to address a diverse population

  • Be leaders in the field, progressive in our and thinking and maximize resources


Value Statement

Siffrin will develop and nurture staff and individuals alike and will take a proactive approach by being a leader in the field by establishing high expectations, supporting each other to reach those expectations and valuing outcomes that benefit us all.



  • Promote value in our mission and services

  • Higher compensation for direct support professionals

  • Funding adequate to carry on meaningful services

  • Need to increase community acceptance

  • Learning the difference between clinical and caring

  • Importance of recruitment and retention

  • Expanding relationships

  • Decisions on what we want to do vs what we can do

  • Value vs volume, must do it well

  • Increase in individual, guardian and family decision making

  • Individual rights vs individual responsibilities

  • Increase training in customer service, reality training, basics of developmental disabilities, forms, and completion of required documentation

Culture Statement

Siffrin takes pride in fostering a culture that is committed to the success of our individuals and staff. We pursue excellence through continuous improvement and outcome management for effective and efficient operation. We are accountable for the decisions we make and are collaborative to achieve the best results. We communicate honestly to create an environment of trust and transparency. We inspire creativity and innovations with passion and are receptive to other's ideas and perspectives. We care about the growth of our individuals, our staff and our community. We all lead by example every day.

Mission Statement


Siffrin is a not-for-profit service organization that empowers people with disabilities to achieve full community access.


Siffrin Strategic Plan 2020-2021


Keep informed of Federal, State and County mandates as it pertains to the transition of services from County Boards of DD to the private sector. Assess Siffrin’s capacity to maintain and/or expand services, document and report on those services successfully based on the wishes and choices of the persons served. Provide meaningful feedback to funding agencies regarding collaborative efforts.


Maintain the fiscal integrity of the organization to ensure meaningful and beneficial services, maximizing effectiveness and efficiency of operations and accessing funds made available through grants and other allocations. Maintain a plan for times of fiscal emergency.


Maximize staffing by focusing on recruitment and retention strategies to maintain staff sufficient to sustain and expand agency services.


Regularly review services to determine their effectiveness, based on the needs of those we serve, and continually assess services to determine their relevancy to the transfer of skills learned, to functioning within the community and home environment.


Develop and nurture collaborative relationships with local and statewide organizations to benefit Siffrin’s mission and the individuals we serve.


Maintain strong succession strategies to recognize develop and retain leadership talent at the Administrative, Management and Mid-Management levels for continuity of direction and culture of the agency.


Siffrin will create and implement highly effective business and social solutions that position the organization as a leader in our field to address unmet community needs that are closely aligned with our mission.

Statewide Initiatives that Require Monitoring for Planning Purposes.
1) DSP recruitment, retention and training. Nurturing employees with incentives and assistance with life outside of work.
2) Electronic provision and documentation of services.
3) Non-Facility based services. Services provided in an integrated setting.
4) Outcome based reimbursement of services.
5) Employment as a means of integration and its success in doing so.
6) Supportive Technology to promote more independence.
7) Training through technology, virtual reality training for staff and individuals.
8) Collaborations to serve children, youth and families who are served by multiple systems.
9) Consistency of system methodology of counties throughout the State.

The full report including the outcomes from year 2019-2020 is available for download HERE.