David started at Siffrin as a Manager of Supervised Living in November of 2015. Over time, it was apparent through his exceptional leadership that he was capable of doing more. David was the perfect candidate to serve as Siffrin’s Manager of Community Integration Services, assisting his supervisor in the creation and operation of Siffrin Academy. Additionally, David also created an identity for Siffrin’s longstanding original program, The Bridge, which services people that are medically fragile and/or of retirement age in the Mahoning Valley. In June of 2017, David was promoted to Director of Community Integration & Transportation because of his experience in human services and fleet management. With a roster of over 50 staff and responsible for providing services to 250+ people on a daily basis, David’s innovative leadership, progressive thinking, and person-centered approach have made Siffrin’s Community Integration and Transportation Services one of the best in the Mahoning Valley and the state of Ohio. In July of 2019, David was promoted to Mahoning Regional Director. David’s experience includes providing safe and stable living environments for at-risk children and working with multiple staff and supporting agencies to assure optimum service delivery.  He has developed outreach programs, educational opportunities, and advocacy services through collaboration with local and state authorities.  A graduate of Boston Baptist University, his solution-based philosophy has helped him make relevant decisions for the betterment of those he serves.

“Each day, I look forward to going to work in a place and with a team who is truly passionate about the safety, ability, and potential of the people that we serve. Seeing the daily change and progress in people is a constant reminder of why I do what I do.”

  Mahoning Regional Director