Cynthia Best began her career at Siffrin in July of 2007 as a part-time overnight Direct Support Professional. Shortly thereafter, she took a position as a Community Integration Professional at The Bridge at Siffrin: a new day program in the Mahoning Valley. Cynthia’s performance and leadership were noted, and she was promoted to Community Integration Coordinator. Making the decision to pursue a degree in Social Work, Cynthia transferred positions internally to Home Coordinator, allowing her to balance both a school schedule and work schedule. In June of 2014 Cynthia advanced to Manager of Supervised Living, assisting her supervisor in restructuring the entire operation in the Mahoning Valley. In December of 2015, Cynthia graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelors in Social Work. Her dedication to Siffrin’s mission and commitment to those served was evident. In October of 2017, Cynthia was promoted to Director of Supervised Living & Community Services, overseeing both Siffrin’s 24/7 residential program as well as drop-in services.

“Waking up every morning doing what I love would not be a possibility without the people we serve or Siffrin! Making a difference in the lives of the people is why I’m here.”


 Regional Director, Mahoning County