Regional Director, Summit County

Chanelle started in this field in 2001 as direct care staff. She was hired at Siffrin as a Manager of Supervised Living and was later promoted to Program Coordinator. In 2021 Chanelle was named Regional Director overseeing all supervised living homes in Summit County. Her educational background includes a BA from the University of Akron in Sociology and another BA in Criminology and Criminal Law. Chanelle is also a certified trainer for Siffrin’s staff in CPR/FA, PDT, and BITs. She has two family members with Downs Syndrome, and two others have Autism.  

"You never know how your actions today can change tomorrow, so think through every action. We all carry a burden; some of which show externally & some internally. Despite having a disability or not, we all experience happiness, joy, disappointment, love, and other emotions the same. Be the reason someone knows they are cared about today."